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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I reconnected with a friend last week.  Carey is one of my Weight Watchers buddies.  A couple of years ago we spent hours on the WW boards, comiserating on gains and cheering each other's losses.  I haven't visited the boards for a long time and I'm so glad she found me again.  She popped into my Etsy shop and went crazy, buying some of my favorite pieces (I know, I always say that.  But they ARE!) and contacting me with a request.

Carey inherited a boatload of stones and cabochons that her Grandfather had spent years cutting and polishing into beautiful pieces.  Carey asked me to wrap a few of them so she could give them to the Great Grandkids of her Grandfather.  What a great idea!  I felt very honored (and a little intimidated) to do it.  Here are the results.   Thanks for the great opportunity Carey and I'm glad we reconnected.
RESERVED - Vintage Wire Wrapped Marble PendantRESERVED - Copper Wire Wrapped Turquoise PendantRESERVED - Argentium Sterling Wire Wrapped Unakite Pendant
RESERVED - Gold Wire Wrapped Jade PendantHOLIDAY SALE RESERVED - Wire Wrapped Jade PendantRESERVED - Vintage Wire Wrapped Marble Pendant