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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rockin With Friends

This summer, we spent some time with our long-time friends Gordie and Karen Eslava.  Karen and Gordie are avid rock hunters and Gordie is a talented Northwest Lapidary.  You can find his work at

Gordie and Karen spend time with us in AZ every winter and we visit them in Washington State in the summer.  We've shared lots of laughter and made so many memories throughout the years.  They have a beautiful home on secluded acreage.  Here's a picture of our RV camped there this summer.

 My Husband John and Gordie have been friends since elementary school and whenever they get together, Karen and I are convinced that they forget how old they are and revert to their childhood.  This summer, they spent much of their time playing horseshoes and lawn darts, but Gordie also taught John how to cut and polish cabochons.

Gordie has a great shop.  You can see it in the background of the picture above.  Gordie and Karen have spent years collecting beautiful rock specimens and you can see them displayed everywhere in the yard outside his shop.  If he wants something new, all he has to do is go outside and choose a new rock to play with.  How cool is that?

Here are some pictures of John learning to grind and polish the rocks.  They started with a piece of Jasper.

Once he had the rock shaped, Gordie showed him how to polish it.  Here is his finished cabochon.  I think it looks great!  Can't wait for him to do more.  Good job, Babe!