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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Etsy Treasuries From Amazing Artisans

Check out these wonderful treasuries created by some very talented Etsy artisans.

We work very hard on these, so if you would click on the items and leave comments for the curators, I'd really appreciate it!  Thanks, Lynne

Friday, February 25, 2011

Doing Craft Shows

I'm trying to get ready for a 9 day craft show starting March 4th.  It's a lot of work, but I like doing shows.  You meet so many nice people and it's fun to show of your work in person.  I love my Etsy shop, but have to say, I do miss the face-to-face contact.  I love visiting with people, showing them a particular piece and explaining where the stone or beads came from.  I enjoy hearing their stories and finding out where they live.  Because we live in AZ, we meet a lot of people who are wintering here from other parts of the country.

I've spent the past week organizing my jewelry, creating last minute items and making changes to a few pieces I wasn't happy with.  Organizing my bead boxes is kind of like finding Christmas presents that you forgot about.  I even came across one piece that I forgot I still had.  Guess I should take pics and list it, huh?   One thing that always worries me about shows is "What if I sell something at a show and it also sells in my Etsy store?"  Of course, the fact that it has never happened doesn't enter my mind; just the "what if?'  I could put my shop on vacation, but that creates its own set of problems.  So I've decided to print out my Etsy listed items, cross them off when they sell at the show and then deactivate them on my smartphone.  Should work.

Setting up for a show always makes me nervous.  Did I forget anything?  Did I set up my displays to show my pieces in the best way possible?  Will anyone stop by?  Will they like my things?   I wish my Daughter was here to help me.  She just has a way with displays that I don't have.  She's so creative and talented when it comes to decorating.

Okay, I'm rambling now and procrastinating.  Time to get back to work!